Benefits of Mobile Training

Mobile learning delivers results more efficiently and effectively compared to traditional training methods. Rather than sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher, your staff can learn comfortably anytime, anywhere with just their mobile phone.

Personalised Learning

The content is available anytime, anywhere and accessed from a device everyone knows how to use

Data Driven

The use of advanced analytics and AI allows for detailed understanding of an individual’s learning progress and personalisation of the content for each individual

Better Knowledge Retention

Frequent learning, spaced repetition and gamified content have been shown to accelerate learning and increase retention


Mobile training can be offered to single users or thousands of staff member at the same time. Managers can easily track progress via the dashboard

The Boost Learning Loop

Boost Apps are developed by learning experts to make learning easy and fun. After an initial assessment, a personalized learning journey and progression plan is created for every user. Through continuous assessments, quizzes and gamified content, the Apps constantly reinforce what is learned. The Apps are designed to accelerate learning and solidify knowledge so that was has been learnt can immediately be used in real life situations.


Reinforce, Assess, Test, Repeat.

Advanced technology with gamification

Boost solutions are powered by a proprietary Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Analytics system allowing for learning to be interactive with constant feedback from the applications. The gamified content captures the learners interest thereby increasing engagement, learning motivation and inspiring a continuous learning journey.

The games and interactive animations enusre that your staff members keep coming back to the app and thereby they take ownership of the whole learning process. Whether it’s learning hotel English, Chinese for hotel interactions, or necessary hospitality skills, when the process if fun retention rates increase and learning is accelerated. This translates into noticeable and quick real world improvements in your staff’s skills and client interactions.


Unlock Your Staff's Full Potential

Boost offers a suite of mobile training solutions to the hospitality industry. From learning English or Chinese for a hotel context, to upselling techniques and upskilling your staff, Boost has the right solution for you.