Pure Standards. Pure Smiles.

Mobile learning solutions for the hospitality industry.

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Pure Standards. Pure Smiles.

Mobile learning solutions for the hospitality industry.

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Why Boost?

Boost’s mobile learning solutions have been proven to increase and enhance vocational and language skills faster and more effectively than traditional methods. This results in better service, higher guest satisfaction, and a happier bottom line.

Higher Revenues & Lower Costs

Higher revenues through upselling and lower costs in training, retention, capital expenditures, and increased employee productivity.

Increased Guest Satisfaction

Better service and improved communication with guests lead to higher guest loyalty, more referrals, and more positive social media.

Happier Employees

Language skills are increased, and vocational skills are enhanced, resulting in more confident and happy employees.

What our customers are saying…..

“Finally a solution to put an end hotel-organised English tuition, which tended to be time consuming and costly to administer. No more struggling to fit in English classes with the demands of a busy operation, or the challenge of unmotivated students at differing levels of proficiency being thrown into the same classroom. We have been using Boost for well over 1 year now and are impressed with the results: the feedback from our team on using the app has been overwhelmingly good, much helped by the Boost team, who consistently provide terrific support to help us maximize the effective use of the app and also motivate our team to achieve their goals.”

Bodo Klingenberg
General Manager
Grand Mercure Bangkok Fortune

“We were having a tough time getting people out of the workplace and into classrooms, just because of how busy the hotel is. We provide the tools and our colleagues and employees are able to learn whenever and wherever they want. Social media reviews went from bad English language reviews to excellent English language reviews. I just keep reading, ‘great English, great English, great English’.”

Jay Jhingran
General Manager
The Continent Hotel – Bangkok

Boost receives significant investment from EHL

Innovation is one of our core values, and today in 2018 we see technology as a key means of learning both in schools, universities and in the workplace, that is why we have decided to invest in Boost.

Rémi Walbaum, Chief Innovation Officer, EHL

Advanced technology, engaging content

Boost solutions are powered by a proprietary Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Analytics system, with interactive animations and gamified content to make learning more fun and engaging.



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The Boost Solution

A mobile learning platform allowing a level of management, upskilling and measurement unseen in the hospitality industry today.

What They’re Saying

I enjoy every part, they have the different way to learn. My most enjoyable time is with the game part. I can enjoy with the game itself and I can know the English at the same time.

Tiplada Tangmanomana

Concierge, The Athenee Hotel, Thailand

I love the type of course when it involves games or when they give us some animation. I think it will be great if they provide more sessions in the Question and Answer.

Willy Prasetyo

Waiter, Harris Pop, Indonesia

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Boost is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and China, with an R&D centre in Vietnam.

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