What’s New in Boost Voice in September 2019

Sep 13, 2019 | Boost News

Engaging New Content

Boost Voice now has two new content packages covering topics on Human Trafficking and Body Language. The new packages use a variety of job- and subject-specific vocabulary phrases to engage in dialogue scenarios that are relevant to the workplace.

Human Trafficking
The Human Trafficking packages focus on scenarios where staff witness or suspect trafficking in the hotel environment, contact victims, report incidents of trafficking, deal with reports of trafficking, and assist authorities. The scenarios are presented in the context of each department. These packages not only help bring an important issue to the attention of hotel staff, they also help staff communicate essential information about human trafficking. Together these benefits can improve guest safety and security, and potentially help combat this crime.

Body Language
The Body Language packages build on the body language fundamentals covered in the app’s BC1 content, and students will learn the key terms and will be able to speak about the key concepts of body language. In this way, the scenarios will build the student’s awareness of guest body language and understand how to read it. Students will also better understand what they convey with their own body language, and how to convey the right message at all times via their body language.

New Awards & Badges

Most users of Boost Voice tell us their favorite part of the app are the games. This is great news as our gamified approach keeps users engaged and learning. We have added two new award types – Promo and Progress, giving our users a wide array of goals to aim for – and badges to win!

Improved Widgets

The new designs for the My Level widget, and My Level Test Results emphasize the significance of each level and corresponding benchmarks.

Mobile Verification

In addition to options for verification via email and Facebook, Boost Voice users can now opt for verification via a mobile number (a code is sent via SMS to the number provided).