CTI Group Worldwide Services inc. Brings Mobile Assessment to the Cruise Industry in Partnership with Boost

Jun 12, 2019

Powered by Boost, the tailor-made mobile assessment solution CrewHire will select cruise employees at much higher industry standards

Virgin Voyages to use CrewHire to aid in the validation of candidates in preparation for their inaugural voyage in April 2020


Boost, the leading mobile training solutions provider for the Hospitality industry, and CTI Group Worldwide Services, Inc. (CTI Group), a pioneer in the cruise recruitment industry with over 250,000 crew placed, have developed a cruise-specific mobile solution designed to assess the English language skills of applicants looking to work in the cruise industry. CrewHire will be used to pre-screen all cruise line applicants, accurately testing for suitability and language proficiency. CrewHire is available to all cruise lines, and global recruiting and placement agencies. CrewHire will be used by Virgin Voyages to validate all non-native English speaking candidates’ English language skills globally in preparation for their inaugural voyage set for April 2020.

Boost drew on CTI Group’s expertise in the cruise industry to develop the technology that powers CrewHire. The mobile app uses mobile technology to measure an applicant’s spoken American English language proficiency, for hire and eventual career in the cruise industry. Unlike existing tools, CrewHire tests applicants on department-specific words and phrases, with results immediately available through a customised dashboard, with English language proficiency measured according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) standard.

This app is a real game-changer given the way the Millennial Generation uses their smartphone and tablets. This technology will allow us to reach more potential crew and provide an even higher level of relevant assessment, ensuring we are able to select and place cruise line employees who possess real potential. Importantly, due to the mobile nature of CrewHire we are able to reach many more potential applicants, significantly widening the net in an efficient and cost-effective way. We will be testing applicants on department-specific phrases so our cruise line clients will have a good understanding of their employees’ knowledge and abilities.

Robert Upchurch

CEO, CTI Group

With growing demand for cruises continuing, it is more important than ever to select skilled hotel service, deck and engine shipboard employees to deliver the ultimate experience for all guests taking a cruise vacation. It is a requirement for employees to have at least a proficient understanding of the English language and so it is necessary to accurately gauge a candidate’s ability in the initial phase of selection. Boost’s mobile technology that underpins CrewHire has been specifically developed for this purpose. We have worked closely with CTI Group to develop a selection program that incorporates cruise-specific tests and terminology, ensuring that cruise lines around the world are able to select the best, most able candidates.

Allan Taylor

CEO, Boost

The mobile Apps will be available for all devices on the Android and iPhone platforms.

About CTI

CTI Group is one of the world’s leading agencies serving the maritime and resort staffing industry since its founding in 1986 by our CEO Robert Upchurch. After 30 years, our company has attained a reputation of excellence through its commitment to provide its clients the very best customer service while delivering the most qualified and experienced candidates for their high industry demands. Our success, having placed thousands of recruits into life-long professions in culinary, hospitality, and deck and engine positions, is a testament of our commitment to our clients. Having the ability to maintain great customer relations is exactly why we have staff on the ground, assisting our many branch partners overseas with the training support and resources they need to get the job done.


About Boost

Boost is the leading mobile training solutions provider for the Hospitality industry, improving hospitality employee productivity through mobile learning and assessment for vocational skills, upselling and languages. Boost empowers employees to provide better service, increasing guest satisfaction levels which in turn benefits hotel bottom lines thanks to reduced recruitment and training costs, and more loyal guests.

Through five distinctive mobile training applications: Boost Profile, Boost Voice, Boost Skills, Boost Upsell and Boost Select, hotel employees are able to learn at a time and place of their choosing, fitting perfectly into their busy schedules. Unlike traditional classroom-based methods, Boost’s mobile solutions are scalable, providing high quality training and assessment options from a single independent to a group/chain hotel at a regional or even global level. Boost Apps allow HR to track employee performance and highlight additional training needs in real-time.

Boost is backed by funding from a number of private investors including École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) and is currently used by over 250 hotels throughout Asia, teaching over 22,000 hotel employees the skills needed to improve guest satisfaction and grow their careers. Boost is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and China, with R&D centres in Europe, Asia, and North America.

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