What’s New in Boost Voice in November 2019

What’s New in Boost Voice in November 2019

What’s New in Boost Voice in November 2019

New BC1 Content – Foundation English

Our new Foundation English content targets staff who are just getting started in their language training. These courses are designed to prepare users for engagement in English at a basic level of communication. Course content is department-specific, which will help users pick up practical language abilities much faster and easier.

This release includes new BC1 coursework for FO, FB, HK, and ENG. Content offerings include a mix of General English and hospitality-centered topics, ranging from “About Me” and “Introductions and Greetings” to “Hotel Numbers” and “Places in a Hotel”.



Enhanced Level Tests

We have implemented several new enhancements to level tests to improve accuracy of level assignment, as well as improvements to test questions and reducing the likelihood of any duplication of questions when taking (or retaking) the same test.

The Virtual Assistant

We are pleased to be rolling out a “Virtual Assistant” in this latest release of Boost Voice. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the Virtual Assistant bot is built into the app itself and provides users with immediate support anytime, anywhere.

The Virtual Assistant is designed to sustain a high volume of concurrent sessions and can communicate in our key languages – Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesian and English. Users can type in questions in any of those languages and will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Boost Challenge: Group Shot Winner

Boost Challenge: Group Shot Winner

Boost Challenge: Group Shot Winner

A big CONGRATULATIONS to the front office team of the Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel team for winning our “Boost Challenge: Group Shot” contest. Boost visited the property for the prize giveaway and spend some time with the team. There are 20 Boost Voices users on the team, and we are delighted to hear that they have improved their English language skills and are gaining confidence when communicating with guests. Keep up the great work and thanks for the fab photos!

What’s New in Boost Voice in September 2019

What’s New in Boost Voice in September 2019

What’s New in Boost Voice in September 2019

Engaging New Content

Boost Voice now has two new content packages covering topics on Human Trafficking and Body Language. The new packages use a variety of job- and subject-specific vocabulary phrases to engage in dialogue scenarios that are relevant to the workplace.

Human Trafficking
The Human Trafficking packages focus on scenarios where staff witness or suspect trafficking in the hotel environment, contact victims, report incidents of trafficking, deal with reports of trafficking, and assist authorities. The scenarios are presented in the context of each department. These packages not only help bring an important issue to the attention of hotel staff, they also help staff communicate essential information about human trafficking. Together these benefits can improve guest safety and security, and potentially help combat this crime.

Body Language
The Body Language packages build on the body language fundamentals covered in the app’s BC1 content, and students will learn the key terms and will be able to speak about the key concepts of body language. In this way, the scenarios will build the student’s awareness of guest body language and understand how to read it. Students will also better understand what they convey with their own body language, and how to convey the right message at all times via their body language.

New Awards & Badges

Most users of Boost Voice tell us their favorite part of the app are the games. This is great news as our gamified approach keeps users engaged and learning. We have added two new award types – Promo and Progress, giving our users a wide array of goals to aim for – and badges to win!

Improved Widgets

The new designs for the My Level widget, and My Level Test Results emphasize the significance of each level and corresponding benchmarks.

Mobile Verification

In addition to options for verification via email and Facebook, Boost Voice users can now opt for verification via a mobile number (a code is sent via SMS to the number provided).

Boost Partners with HCTC to Provide Mobile Training for Students

Boost Partners with HCTC to Provide Mobile Training for Students

Boost Partners with HCTC to Provide Mobile Training for Students

Boost has partnered with Thailand’s Hospitality & Catering Training Centre (HCTC) in Mae Sot to provide free English language training via our mobile app Boost Voice. Boost provided 65 licenses of this mobile training solution to HCTC’s students for 12 months, allowing the students to build up and improve their English language skills for hospitality. HCTC prepares students from less fortunate socioeconomic backgrounds for a career in Thailand’s hospitality industry and recruits students from North-Western Thailand.

“We train and prepare hundreds of students for a bright career in hospitality and Boost’s technology will help bring them to the next level in terms of English language skills” says Mr. William Harden, HCTC Director, adding “Language is essential in hospitality – you cannot separate language from guest service – and so it is important that our students have access to tools that will allow them to speak clearly and competently. Boost Voice is specifically designed for hospitality and is perfectly suited to our ‘mobile first’ students. We are very grateful for Boost’s generosity and look forward to seeing the benefits this will bring our students”.

Boost Voice teaches employees English and/or Mandarin language skills using content that is department specific and developed by hoteliers. Employing gamification, the solution is interactive and encourages students to learn continuously and consistently. Importantly, the solution is designed with input from hoteliers and trains students in English language skills that are most relevant to the hospitality industry.

“Boost Voice equips students and employees with language skills that is most relevant to the work place” says Allan Taylor, CEO of Boost, adding “We are very proud to partner with HCTC and help them with their good work preparing Thai youth for a productive and fulfilling career in hospitality. We hope that with Boost Voice, their language skills will further improve and help their own life and career prospects”.

Boost Voice will be deployed alongside HCTC’s own training team who will continue to teach their curriculum.


About Hospitality & Catering Training Centre (HCTC) Mae Sot

Mae Sot, located in north-western Thailand, is home to a patchwork of ethnic groups – among these are the Thai Karen hill tribes. With the development of Thailand’s socioeconomic environment and the limited access to basic social services, training and employment in the area, it has become increasingly difficult for them to earn a living.

As a result, plenty of youth leave their family for the big cities to seek a better future. Unequipped with the required skills and knowledge, it is nearly impossible for them to find a proper job. This makes them easy targets for exploitation and abuse.

Fortunately, there is hope: a feasibility study confirmed that Thailand’s booming hospitality industry is on the lookout for dependable, qualified staff to fill entry-level positions. With this in mind, the concept of a school specializing in vocational hospitality and catering education was developed in 2008 with the joint-support of two NGOs: IECD (Institut Europeen de Cooperation et de Developpement) and TBCAF (Tak Border Child Assistance Foundation). After further development, this initiative finally opened its doors as the Hospitality & Catering Training Centre giving Thai Karen young adults the opportunity for a brighter future through education.

More confidence, better service

More confidence, better service

More confidence, better service

Boost’s mobile training solutions bring many benefits to hotels, from better guest service to increased upselling revenue and more loyal guests. However, some of the biggest benefits are accrued by the service employees themselves, many of whom emerge from their Boost course having learnt an entirely new language and set of service skills. Not only does this give them more confidence at work, but improves their employability and improves their career prospects.

Boost spoke to Peeraphong Srikham, Bartender at Pool Bar, Hua Hin Marriott Resort and Spa about his experience using Boost Voice.

Please introduce yourself.

Peeraphong: Sawasdee krub my name is Peeraphong Srikham. I work at Hua Hin Marriott Resort and Spa, my position is bartender at the Pool Bar.

What have you learnt while using Boost?

Peeraphong: I learn many things from Boost including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and some examples of conversations with guests.

When is your favourite time to learn?

Peeraphong: I learn Boost after midnight because it is quiet and when I speak alone, I feel more confident.

What is the most enjoyable part of learning with Boost?

Peeraphong: I love the part that includes wine because I love wine and alcoholic beverages. In the wine part, I can pronounce the name of grape. Sometimes it is the wrong pronunciation, but Boost can make me pronounce it correctly.

What do you love about your job?

Peeraphong: I love my job, I love to work at Marriott because Marriott has many training programs including Boost. I love languages and I love to speak with customers from other countries.